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Ravello, unlike most of the countries of the Amalfi Coast, is not located on the sea, but from its height dominates the Amalfi coast.


The gardens, the ancient structures, the main square and the numerous alleys, each stone in Ravello is rich in history, suggestive, picturesque and unique glimpses, each corner is a perfect set.


For us, Ravello is the dream of every photographer, but above all, Ravello is a romantic and authentic country.

Ravello principessa piemonte

The municipality of Ravello celebrates civil unions at the garden Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte, a panoramic point, from here you can admire a unique view, its position dominates the Amalfi Coast.


Ravello is a small town made up of steps and gardens, flowers and colors that accompany you as you walk through the alleys. In some hours of the afternoon, on cloudy days, Ravello is surrounded by a light that filters through the clouds and that makes it even more magical.

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