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Sorrento lies on a tuff terrace overlooking the sea, from here you have a view of the entire Gulf of Naples, a glimpse of paradise, where Vesuvius is located, a monument of nature that dominates this imposing land, gloomy and mysterious, loved for its beauty and feared for its power, unique landscape. Here the work of man was great. The most inaccessible areas today are transformed by a series of terraces sloping down to the sea, used to grow citrus fruits, olive trees and vines. These are the gardens from which the heady aromas of orange, lemon and orange blossom exhale. Music, sea, fun and nature, but also history and culture, an unforgettable experience, out of time.

SORRENTO, the perfect place for those who choose to get married. Hospitality, excellent food and breathtaking views.

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For those who love the photo there is only spoiled for choice, the ancient alleys with many restaurants and ancient shops, walking through these alleys is very suggestive for the newlyweds who are, every time, submerged by applause and good wishes, an experience difficult to forget.

Those who do not like "public walks" too much can decide to enjoy the Gulf of Naples and the view of the Vesuvius volcano from one of the many panoramic points, from these places at the right time and in the right period you can enjoy magnificent sunsets.

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