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Why give up the colors of a beautiful sunset?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

The sunset can not be organized but if it happens, you must be ready!

Our tips are few, simple but essential to plan beautiful photos.

  1. Get yourself prepared. Today, many applications offer the function to predict the exact time of the sunset on a specific day, knowing it in advance will help you "to be tuned"

  2. A few minutes but intense. The best time to photograph the sunset takes 15/20 minutes, so you do not need to get away from your party for a long time, your guests will not notice.

  3. Do not plan anything else. It often happens that "the perfect time" passes without being exploited because the time of the speeches has lengthened more than expected. This is undoubtedly a big problem, especially if you do not want your best man in the sunset photos!

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